Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Second Try at a First Post

Please excuse my abrupt outburst of joy in my very first post a couple days ago.

It all started back in 2012, when I finally bit the bullet and bought my first domain, which also happened to be my own name. It was something I had dreamed about since I was a kid, during the dawn of the internet, and I don't really know why I put it off until then. The damage? Total bill cost $1.17 through GoDaddy for a one-year registration (thank you CouponCabin), but ended up costing far more in terms of time and frustration. I suspect many of you who've engaged with GoDaddy before can relate to that.

Once I had ownership of, the biggest question was "What I should do with it?" Do I turn it into an online profile and resume? Or write a blog? Or open a storefront? To be honest, I had no idea. I ended up doing substantially nothing with my domain for the last 30 months, except park this ugly mug for any poor soul who found themselves on my site:

Chicago during that one week of the year when it's warm enough to go outdoors.

A few days ago, I decided to switch my domain over from the clutches of GoDaddy to the newly available Google Domains service. The process was surprisingly simple and took less than 30 minutes from start to finish. (The only thing I'm still raw about is that apparently you can't delete your GoDaddy account. Like, ever.)

This leads me to what I want to do with going forward.

I want to write about stuff. All kinds of stuff:
  • From my years of managing money (both professionally and personally), I want to write about Finance.
  • Growing up in a restaurant, and coming from a family where everyone cooks, I want to share my thoughts on Food.
  • After visiting over two dozen countries (and counting), I want to share my adventures in Travel.
  • Finally, after diving headfirst into the crazy world of startups, I want to write about Tech.
So I thank you in advance for allowing me to indulge in this work-in-progress and for reading all this brainspill. Feel free to get in touch with me here or email andrew@ with your comments, questions, and criticisms.

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