Saturday, March 14, 2015

PSA: Eating these will not make you skinny.

... but NOT EATING these could.

Now at your local Costco and other fine stores: A brand that could only be formulated by the marketing team of the largest multinational food and beverage conglomerate in the world. Mmm. 150 calories that I didn't need in the first place....

And don't you just love that sexy, malnourished cartoon cow?

What's this?! Another product with the word "skinny"? non-GMO Popcorn? AND it's GF! Gee, I'm not even remotely attracted to popcorn, but hey, it's GUILT-FREE, right? Not exactly. But it's only 39 calories per cup of guilt. Never mind that measuring popcorn (i.e. mostly air) by the cup is perhaps a little disingenuous.

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