Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Badly Translated Engrish Menus

I think most of us have seen bad Engrish, right? This menu was sent over by a dear friend, was probably one of the single worst best examples of a total machine translation FAIL and an absolute Engrish GOLDMINE.

I'll have you know that "F*ck to fry the cow river" happens to be one of my favorite Canto dishes!

So what did the cold cow pick?

I'll have one The row of Spain, please.

Tell me about The carbon burns... is it hot?

The red double is pleased, and so will you.

Did they make you laugh? It's hilarious when you have absolutely no idea what is going on. It's even funnier if you know a bit of Chinese (especially Cantonese, in this case), English, AND have an understanding of how Google Translate works — or in this case, doesn't work.

I hope, however, that it doesn't put anyone off actually eating at this restaurant. If I screen out the translation, this actually looks like a pretty tasty menu. Any questions of what these items actually are meant to be translated as? Let me know and I'm happy to explain.

Special thanks to Ting at A Long Happy Life blog.

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